Outlook Express - Email rejected by the server

  YouBigTree 16:50 02 Sep 2003

I am trying to send an email from Outlook Express to a lot of people at once. However a few of the email address' are void and it returns this error:

The message could not be sent because one of the recipients was rejected by the server.

I'm have trouble removing all the void address'. Can i get express to send to all the valid ones and ignore the rest. I'm sure i don't get this error with Microsoft Outlook in work!

I'd appreciate any help as the express help and microsoft help is of no use. Thanks

  Djohn 17:59 02 Sep 2003

As a test try sending one of the problem e-mails by itself, you may find it goes through OK. Several of the Bigger ISP's are taking it upon themselves to treat "Mass" mailing as spam. AOL, [My ISP] has on the odd occasion refused mail from people sending through "Freeserve", These have been individual mails as well. When I contacted AOL on behalf of one of our forum members, I was told they they had a temporary block on that ISP, and for my friend to try again later! j.

  palinka 19:48 02 Sep 2003

I find that the other emails do go when one is rejected. I use Freeserve. Are you sure that none of them went? Try a test message to yourself and a few friends, including one of the addresses that was void. That way you'll be able to see what is realy happening.

  john-232317 20:37 02 Sep 2003

Yes i agree with palinka, only the ones with void addresses come back.

  YouBigTree 21:12 02 Sep 2003

I've tried to send the email to just myself and one of the address' that are giving me trouble and it still refuses to send to any.

It seems to check all address' before it starts sending.


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