Outlook express email with 1 and 1

  hooligan 18:05 07 Apr 2004

Ive bought a domain name only with one and one.

Ive set it up to forward to my outlook express

But i dont get how and if, i can send back with my
domain name email as i use my isp one.

I dont want to just use the domain one i want to use both

Or do i need the email plus account to do it


windows 98 se and outlook express i use

  Forum Editor 18:27 07 Apr 2004

1. You will have a POP3 mailbox on your oneandone web package, and you'll have been given a username and password. You will also have been given the POP3 server address.

2. Create a new identity in Outlook Express. You do this from File/Identities/Add new identity.

3. When asked if you want to set up a mail account say yes.

4. Follow the prompts and enter the POP3 mailbox username and password for your oneandone domain name. For the outgoing (SMTP) server enter the same details as for your present mail account - i.e. the one for your ISP. Enter the email address that you want to use - [email protected]

Now, when you want to send and receive as that identity just go to File/Switch identity and select the new identity - the mail will go out under your new name.

If you want to check the inbound mail from the new box without switching identities you can do it by adding a new account under your present(default) identity. Just go to Tools/accounts and click the mail tab. Click to add a new mail accouint and follow the prompts. Outlook Express will then check your new mailbox for inbound mail whenever you do a normal send and receive using your present identity.

Does that help?

  Forum Editor 19:38 07 Apr 2004

that all outbound email will go via your existing ISP's SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol) server. These servers are a bit like pillar boxes, they accept all mail that's put into them for onward transmission.

The POP3 (Point Of Presence) server is like your letterbox - only mail that is meant for you goes into it, and only you can receive it. That's obviously why you need the username and password.

  Taran 23:01 07 Apr 2004

In addition to the above, if you do want to use 1&1 as the default mailbox and enter the 1&1 SMTP server details, don't forget that it uses authentication sharing the same settings as your incoming mail server when you set it up.

Quite a few of my friends and colleagues have run into problems when their SMTP settings disallowed mail because authentication had not been enabled.

I imagine I've just given hooligan a headache so if more explanation is required, just shout.


  caast©? 23:28 07 Apr 2004

Just another small point to remember, is the username and password, will be as the mailbox oneandone gave you eg.ab1234567-hooligan and not [email protected] as other ISP's use.

  hooligan 13:53 08 Apr 2004

But i need to upgrade to email plus+ 1 and 1 said

so i`ll try the above when ive done that

You make it sound simple FE ive read the 1 and 1 site 30 times and never got it.

Taran i think i give you a headache not the other way round haha

Ive wondered for months what pop3 and smtp ment

Have you wrote any books FE i might be able to understand yours !

  PurplePenny 16:38 08 Apr 2004

I don't know anything about 1&1 but that doesn't sound right, does it?

FE - I shall store your pillarbox/letterbox analogy for future use. Nice one.


  slowhand_1000 17:01 08 Apr 2004

I know that 1 and 1 supply Domain Mail Plus. If you register a name with them but do not require any web space you can purchase Domain Mail Plus.

For £6.99/year you get three POP email accounts (plus 50 alliases) to use with the registered name. The mailbox has a 50mb capacity (I think) and you can send mails up to 10mb each.


FE - I agree with the others. The pillarbox/letterbox explanation is bang on.

  PurplePenny 22:08 08 Apr 2004

Ah! I thought that Hooligan already had an e-mail account with his domain name.

  hooligan 08:54 09 Apr 2004

I can forward to my isp outlook express one, but i want to send back with ie [email protected] etc

When i go to the control panel it shows you how to set up so i thought i could it.

I will have to upgrade sometime


  slowhand_1000 12:51 09 Apr 2004

Just reading back. Am I right in thinking that you registered your domain name but use free space with your ISP?
And you want your emails to look like they have come from your domain name and not your ISP.

It looks like you have already set up the email diversion through the 1 and 1 control panel.

If that is the case

Open Outlook Express

Click on Tools tab at the top and select Accounts

Click the mail tab

Select the email account that you set up the email diversion for and click the Properties button

You will see a box that has the heading E-mail Address

Put the email address you want to use for your new domain ([email protected] holligansnewbusiness.co.uk)

This will now make the emails look like they have come from your new business domain and not your ISP address.

I use this method myself.


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