Outlook Express is doing my head in!

  [DELETED] 20:57 08 Dec 2003

I know this topic has been covered before but here is my predicament: My Tiscali webmail is a bit naff, so i've tried to configure Outlook Express for my Tiscali account. I've followed the instructions on the Tiscali site (which are fairly straightforward), but when I try to use OE I can't receive mail. If I click the send and receive button the password logon box appears and no matter what i put in as the password (correct or otherwise) it just re-appears.
Can anyone help? I'm shaking my fist at the PC right now!

  [DELETED] 21:01 08 Dec 2003

Would seem that OE cannot connect to the server to access the mail, rather than a problem with OE itself.

  [DELETED] 21:54 08 Dec 2003

Under OE tools/accounts/properties/server make sure that the 'log on using seure password authentication' is NOT ticked

  [DELETED] 00:04 09 Dec 2003

Hi ,lets eliminate basics first.Check that your Tiscali Email settings are correctly configured , to do that try this
click here follow the on screen instruction and if no luck get back and we'll take it from there !

  [DELETED] 01:15 09 Dec 2003

I've just installed Tiscali as well and I was tripped up by my account name being [email protected] instead of just xxx.yyy as it had been with virgin.
Check this on
Tools/Accounts/Properties/Servers/Account Name

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