Outlook express is disconnecting my connection

  jameswalpole 19:31 04 Dec 2003


I am connecting to the net via dialup Modem on NTL, I have been using NTL's new dialup program, but over the last few days I have not been able to connect.

I have got round this by manually entering in the settings and making a new dialup, since then every time I use Outlook express and try and access newsgroups my connection disconnects.

It also does it only ocasionally when clicking on Send/recieve mail.

Its not the disconnect after checking mail, as I have that turned off.

Its not disconnect if idle for xxx as that is turned off too.

Just wondering if I have not got the correct protocols or other settings.

I can surf the net to my hearts content, this problem only happens when I use outlook.

Any Ideas ?

  TommyRed 21:56 04 Dec 2003

Similar thing happened to me recently, here's the thread and how I resolved it click here HTH TR

  TommyRed 21:59 04 Dec 2003

Here's a link to my original thread click here HTH TR

  jameswalpole 22:53 05 Dec 2003

Yep that did it ! thanks TommyRED, of all the settings and options I adjusted that was the one I forgot !

Doh !!

Thanks again !!

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