Outlook Express deleting emails

  grandmat 22:12 07 Oct 2010

This is a problem my son has asked me to find out about - so I wont necessarily respond quickly - he lives in another county and is even more technically illiterate than I am.

He is unsing Outlook Express (Windows XP operating system.

He says when he logs off and then logs on again emails are being deleted.

NB I have checked his webmail and there is nothing stored there either.

  mgmcc 07:55 08 Oct 2010

Normal behaviour with Outlook Express is to connect to the mail server, check for new messages, download them and then delete them from the server. They will therefore no longer be available using webmail, but should remain in the Outlook Express "Inbox". Is this what is happening?

It is possible to configure Outlook Express to leave messages on the server, so that they can be retrieved again with a different computer or accesses by webmail.

  grandmat 08:27 08 Oct 2010

Seems things not being left on the server. Could you tell me how to do this please.

I dont know why some new emails are being deleted from the inbox / sent of outlook express.

Have told him to empty his inbox (in case he has too many in) to see if this helps

  grandmat 09:47 08 Oct 2010

Many thanks for this, will forward the instructions to him and see how it goes.

  lotvic 13:02 08 Oct 2010

Outlook Express > View > Current View and click on 'View All Messages'

  wee eddie 15:26 08 Oct 2010

They may be being downloaded onto another PC

  grandmat 16:35 08 Oct 2010

No there is no other pc being used.
My grandson probably uses hotmail/facebook on this pc though

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