Outlook Express as Default Mail Handler

  Connaught 04:13 21 Sep 2005

I am unable to get OE to retain this preference. I enter it as such in the options/general menu and it confirms it is the default handler but it changes back immediately.

Clicking on an email address gives multiple website type sheets with "mail to: ......." in the address bar. Before this it would try to call up MS Outlook but I have uninstalled that component.

Has anyone met this problem?


  rawprawn 08:26 21 Sep 2005

Did you uninstall Outlook before making Outlook Express your default? if so I think that I would reinstall Outlook, make it default reboot then change the default to OE then when it is working OK uninstall Outlook again. I think it's worth a try anyway.

  Connaught 09:09 21 Sep 2005

Thanks Rawprawn.

I did reinstall Outlook and have changed to Mozilla Thunderbird on the computer in my network (3) that is giving the trouble. Strangely the other two are fine with OE the default and Outlok running.

  Hamish 09:19 21 Sep 2005

Have you checked by right clicking Internet Explorer, then properties, then programs to see which email program is selected

  Connaught 10:05 21 Sep 2005

Thank you Hamish.

Ihave done that and it is weird because the only email programs in the drop down are MSOutlook and Mozila Thunderbird. Nothing has been selected in that line any way.

OE is listed as the newsgroup default though but IE does not know it exists for emails apparently. I am reluctant to reinstall OE because it is such a performance and I e3nd up going round and round in circles.Chiefly because it keeps recognising a higher version and the closes out. That is after branding etc in the Registry if you know what I mean.

  Hamish 15:32 21 Sep 2005

Sorry, I can be of no further help but if you have not done so already try typing Outlook express as default mail handler into Google and it will bring up a large number of pages which may help. This will also bring you post to the top again and someone else may have the answer

  Connaught 16:41 21 Sep 2005

Thanks Hamish and all

  Connaught 17:10 21 Sep 2005


Followed your tip, got into a sheet with a link to a specific MS support page and searched for 'OE as default mail handler'. It worked! You go into start,run and then type the following line, including the quotation marks, where drive is the letter of the drive in which Outlook Express is installed, and then click OK:

"drive:\program files\outlook express\msimn.exe" /reg

Apparently it was not in the registry!

That said Thunderbird is an interesting program. I tried to switch to MS Outlook some months ago but it could not work on the OE data which is daft. Thunderbird however picks it all up though and is an attractive alternative.


  Hamish 17:14 21 Sep 2005

Only too pleased to be of help. Thanks for posting back

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