Outlook Express Contacts as Address Book?

  Chris the Ancient 21:42 06 Aug 2003

I'm lazy and old-fashioned and just use OE6 for all my e-mails. I do use the contact list that I've built up over a while to keep track of who my contacts are and their important details (most of the time).

What I would like to do is use the information in this contact list for printing envelopes and such in Word XP. When I go to the envelope printing option in Word, there is a lovely icon for an address book, but I can't find a way to call up my contact information.

Doing the sensible thing, I looked at the help systems in the different applications and in Win XP to find out if it could be done.

Perhaps this lovely warm weather has fried my solitary brain cell and I ended up very confused and none the wiser!

So, can I use my OE6 contact list as an address book in Word? If so, how? And please lead me very gently and in words of one syllable as I've had a hard day and I'm hot, bothered and tired!



  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:52 06 Aug 2003

click here

click here might be of help.


  Chris the Ancient 23:38 06 Aug 2003

Thanks for the reply Gandalf - and my apologoies for being a little slow in responding. Der Boss was deciding between the cat having my supper or me having it! I won!

That first link looks vert interesting at first glance and I will pursue it in greater depth - tomorrow evening after a night's kip and a day's work. At the moment, I'm just about ready to try and try and get a proper night's sleep!

Mega thanks and update will come tomorrow evening.


  GroupFC 08:34 07 Aug 2003


  GroupFC 13:29 07 Aug 2003

I bumped this up because I'm not sure if G.'s links achieve what you're after!

As I understand your question, you have in OE6 a record of your contacts (obviously an e-mail addy, but also names and addresses) and you want use this information in Word without having to type it out!

If I have understood correctly, this is something I'm interested in finding the answer to, too!!

If you do manage to crack it please post back and make me a happy bunny!


  Chris the Ancient 16:09 07 Aug 2003


Thanks for the bump!

I did read G's link, but by the time I got to it last night, it did seem what I wanted. Now, I don't think so as much (but I was tired and hot last night).

Your description of what I want is a lot clearer than mine (dammit).

So, here's another bump!


  tunny 16:40 07 Aug 2003

I don't think you can use it. I have Word as part of Works Suite and have downloaded all the patches and update for word. MS put the big office version of word in but won't link the address book. Its mentioned in their ummm knowledge bank (I think)and they don't intend to do anything about it. I just typed up the headings to the people I write to most and saved as template....long winded I know...but it solved my problem.

  GroupFC 16:42 07 Aug 2003

Having spent a bit of time looking into this, I am not sure if we can do what I think we both want to!

All the help files in Word refer to an address book in "outlook" which is of course different to OE, and comes as part of the m$oft office suite.

Indeed I have some contacts in Outlook and I can get at these addresses without a problem in Word. Unfortunately, I don't use Outlook for E-mail (because I can't get on with it and prefer OE!!), so OE is where the greater part of my contact details are. I think I can mess about with exporting/importing between OE & Outlook, but is it really worth it.

Why is life never simple?!!



  GroupFC 16:44 07 Aug 2003

This is the conclusion I'm rapidly coming to!

  Chris the Ancient 17:07 07 Aug 2003


Your mind certainly has similar tracks to mine.

I'm wondering...

As Word will seemingly pick up Outlook type address books, is there a way of Outlook picking up the OE6 contact information and using that?

Unfortunately, I'm back off out to work for a couple of hours or three in a minute and I'll be unable to research that. And with my workload, I don't see much chance before the end of the weekend.

So, being a lazy old so-and-so, I shall leave the thread live in case someone has tried something like this and it rings a bell - cracked or otherwise!


  GroupFC 17:42 07 Aug 2003

I think the short answer is yes, by using export address book in OE and using the import address book in Outlook.

The longer answer is that I am sure it is more comlicated than that!! I will have a little tinker and see what I can come up with but hopefully somebody else will come along and point us both in the right direction!


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