Outlook Express conflicting with WinTV USB!!!!!

  Mezzo 20:58 04 Feb 2003

Have managed to install Hauppauge WinTV USB FM Radio, which still has some teething problems which I wont go into (emailed customer suport his evening).

A major problem I have is that whenever Im watching WinTV2000 and then decide to open Outlook Express, I lose the sound of WinTV!

Anyone else experienced this or have any ideas as to what could be causing this?

Many thanks.


  Cordy13 22:36 04 Feb 2003

Since you are not having much luck with replies, I have WinTV USB but not with FM radio. It does seem to require a lot of resources, try shutting down everything you don't need. While Outlook Express does not kill my sound it does cause the odd freeze in the TV picture (I tried it to see what would happen, I normally don't bother with OE if I have the TV on)

  Mezzo 22:43 04 Feb 2003

Cheers Cordy13. It seems to run fine no matter how many windows I have open, and as long as I open Outlook Express before I open WinTV USB I dont lose the sound.

Did you have any problems with the teletext function and screen capture?

Also BBC2 isnt working, but thats because theyve lost transmission!!!!!!!!



  Cordy13 00:12 05 Feb 2003

I haven't got Teletext working on the computer and haven't tried it via the TV (I suspect it will function ok on the TV)

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