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  KW2K 00:04 26 Feb 2005

Hi !
When I exit OE, I get a message poping up which says: To free up Disk Space, OE can Compact Messages.This may take up to a few minutes. OK or Cancel. The last time I said ok to this message, I lost nearly all my messages, so I'm not saying ok again ! If i click on cancel, the window closes down, but re-appears the next time OE is closed down. The question is this: Is there a way of stopping this window from appearing permenantly. I have looked in the various options of OE, but don't see anything which relates to this.


  BH34 11:04 26 Feb 2005

1. On the Tools menu, click Options.
2. Click the Maintenance tab (in Outlook Express 4.0, click the Advanced tab).
3. Click the appropriate check box to select or clear it:• Delete messages after (<X>) days after being downloaded, where <X> is the number of days. The default value is 5 days.
• Don't keep read messages; this deletes all read messages when you quit Outlook Express.
• Compact files when there is (<X>) percent wasted space, where <X> is the percentage of wasted space. The default value is 20 percent.

4. Click Clean Up Now. You can use the Local File Clean Up dialog box to manually clean up the messages that are stored locally on the computer. This does not delete messages on the server. You can also locate this dialog box by clicking Clean Up Files on the File menu.
5. Click the news server or newsgroup from which you want to delete messages.
6. Click the appropriate button: • If you want to compact wasted space, click Compact.
• If you want to remove message bodies but leave the headers intact, click Remove Messages.
• If you want to remove message bodies and headers, click Delete.
• In Outlook Express 5, 5.5, or 6.0, if you want to delete all of the headers and message bodies and reset the folders so that the headers are downloaded again, click Reset.

7. Click Close, and then click OK.

  KW2K 11:37 26 Feb 2005

Hi BH34, Thanks for the info !
Cheers !

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