Outlook express cleaned out

  slydog 19:12 17 Oct 2008

Just started up my PC opened outlook express and found all my messages gone, all my personal folders back to the default set up something has cleaned it out but it wasn't me I had literally hundreds of mails stashed in there all gone. Could have been windows update. I have it set not install without my instruction. but yesterday as I shut it down the updates started to install without warning so I shut the lot down.(I know risky but I don't want even microsoft installing stuff on my PC without my say so. Assuming it was MS) I have checked my Recycle bin and found some files - sent.bak, inbox.bak, saved.bak (one of my old OE folders)deleted.bak etc.
Anyone know what has happened and how I might get my mails back. Most of them I wont miss but some are useful records.
Cheers hopefully slydog

  Andsome 19:20 17 Oct 2008

Try system restore to a day or two ago.

  MarvintheAndroid 19:22 17 Oct 2008

Try restoring the deleted (bak) files. As you have no emails, you can't really do any damage.


  slydog 19:38 17 Oct 2008

Just tried system restore sadly that didnt work but thanks anyway Andsome. How do I restore the bak files Marv?

  Barnacarry 19:48 17 Oct 2008

Try this site click here
It may find them.

  MarvintheAndroid 19:50 17 Oct 2008

Open your recycle bin, select the files and hit Edit - Undo Delete OR Right-click and select Restore. Answer YES to the questions.

Do this with Outlook Express CLOSED.


  MarvintheAndroid 19:51 17 Oct 2008

PS you don't need data recovery software if the files are still in your recycle bin.


  chub_tor 19:54 17 Oct 2008

If the .bak files are in your recycle bin you can restore them to their original location by opening the recycyle bin, highlighting the item and clicking on restore this item. If you need to read the restored mail you will probably need to change the extension from .bak to .dbx

  slydog 19:57 17 Oct 2008

OK you the man Marv thats sorted it, got em back. Thanks also Barnacarry advice much appreciated.

  MarvintheAndroid 20:08 17 Oct 2008

May I take this opportunity to re-stress the importance of regular system backups ? May I ? Please ? Oh, go on....

Acronis TrueImage is excellent for this.


  slydog 20:32 17 Oct 2008

I know your right Marv but don't you always think I'll do it tomorrow.
Still I'll try acronis I've been looking for a decent image backup for my laptop as well.
Thanks again.

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