Outlook Express - Can I save AND send a draft?

  User-59CF3CF9-2B88-49A4-BFDB75AFFDAF55BB 13:30 03 Feb 2004

Please help!!

I want to save a draft letter (with 2 attachments) which I need to send out to lots of different email addresses on a regular basis.

What I really want is a "save as draft AND send" option because although it is saved in the sent folder I cannot then change the addressee so that I can send it out to someone else.

What I want is to permanently have an editable draft which I can send out frequently.


  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 13:34 03 Feb 2004

You can send it to more than one person at a time by putting a , after each email addy add as many as u like then send a copy will go to every one u added.Hope that helps.


  Taff36 16:02 03 Feb 2004

I assume you have Outlook Express 6 And that the attachments do not change otherwise you will have to attach them every time you send them to ensure the latest versions.

Try This:
You must have in TOOLS OPTIONS on the send tab the tick against "Include message in reply.
Send you first e-mail with attachments. Then look in your SENT ITEMS folder for the e-mail and double click to open it. Press the forward button. Now the Subject ine will have "FW :" in front of the original subject. Simply delete the letters. In the text below you will have something like "Original message" with details of SENT, TO, SUBJECT etc simply select this information text and delete it. Then save it to your drafts folder.

Job done - a few highlights and deletes and the e-mail is ready to be used again. Try it on a test basis by sending it to yourself.

  britto 17:22 03 Feb 2004

Could you compose and save your letter in Word,then you are able to edit and send.

  Stuartli 17:49 03 Feb 2004

To save a draft of your message to work on later, on the File menu click Save. You can also click Save as to save an e-mail message in your file system in e-mail (.eml), text (.txt), or HTML (.htm) format.

  Peter E 17:52 03 Feb 2004

You could compose your e-mail without adding the recipients addresses, click on the cross to close it, it will then ask do you want to save it, select Yes and it will save to your drafts folder. When your ready to send it, go to your drafts folder, right click the message and select Copy to Folder, you then have a copy. Use one to add the recipients addresses, send it and you still have the original in your drafts folder ready for next time.

Thanx for all the responses. One way or another we should be able to do it now!!

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