Outlook Express and BT Broadband Email Problem

  Boy Zone 09:38 02 Jan 2005

Dear All,

I have recently moved over to BT BB. I am having problems send/receiving emails using OL-Express. I have checked all the settings, but still no joy.
I have logged on to another PC using my internet setting and logged in, and all works fine. So I assume its my PC and OL is the problem.
How I do un-install OL express and re-install?
Can I just go to the programs in the directory and delete? And where do I get a new ver. 6 of OL? Is it part of IE, as I do have a new copy of this on the BT BB disk?

  LeadingMNMs 09:52 02 Jan 2005

I would doubt that it is Outlook Express that is at fault, its probably a setting that has been missed.

What error messages do you get ?

  Boy Zone 12:01 02 Jan 2005

well its no so much a an error message, I just can't send any emails. I can receive emails.
I had been using Outlook, but this just would NOT send or receive, and Yahoo BT don't support Outlook, so now I'm back on OutExpress.

  mrdsgs 12:19 02 Jan 2005

go into tool/accounts/properties within OE

find your mail account

probably a fault on the server tab.

both incoming and outgoing mail servers should read mail.btinternet.com

post back if that doesn't do it

  Boy Zone 15:41 02 Jan 2005

thanks but I have doubled checked this, and both are as you highlighted.
BT Yahoo support, have also checked my setting, and all seem fine, they suspect I might have a virus. I have Nortons 2005, and have carried ouit a complete scan, and only found my Adaware, so I am at a loss.
I know I can use the BT Yahoo web email, but I do want to use OL express as my mail client.
As I said I can receive emails, but its the sending that is the problem.

  AragornUK 15:55 02 Jan 2005

I don't use BY BB, but does the outgoing mail require authentication? Or even does it NOT require authentication? When a similar thing happened to me, I'd got the outgoing SMTP set to 'requires authentication' and it wouldn't send a thing.

Probably not this, but worth asking...

  mrdsgs 15:56 02 Jan 2005

have you unchecked "always connect to this account using" which will be left from your dial-up days

  Technotiger 16:02 02 Jan 2005

Hi, I would suggest using a different email program - I use and always recommend click here it is a free dowload.

just as a note - BTBB is still dial-up, unless you are using Ethernet.

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