Outlook Express - blocking mail

  webber_man 11:26 25 Jan 2003


I know there is there a way with Outlook Express to filter mail and direct to certain folders but is there a way of directing 'junk' mail and spam to a specific folder? As i obviously don't know that the sender address is going to be i can't figure a way of directing mail until AFTER receicing it a knowing the address etc.

Am i being dumb here?

  Forum Editor 11:28 25 Jan 2003

setup in OE - but be warned that spammers are onto this, and will send from different email addresses all the time. This will beat your rule if you only filter by email addresses.

  Forum Editor 11:30 25 Jan 2003

The best way is to to set up a rule that filters by subject line content - and pick certain words that regularly appear in the spam you receive. This isn't an exact science, so experiment.

Sorry for the two-part answer - slip of the mouse.

  Foolsbane_1 11:35 25 Jan 2003

SpamPal is a very effective email filtering program.

Free from -

click here

  webber_man 11:42 25 Jan 2003

....for the blindingly quick reply!

I'll give that blocking word thing a go - but i was hoping they'd be something similar to Hotmail where you can only let 'safe' mail into your inbox and the rest goes into the junk folder.

  Lozzy 11:45 25 Jan 2003

One poss other way is to right click the offending email then click details and copy the senders original email address and insert that into the mail rules to block or Junk Folder. One point if you see for example a number before the @ sign that reflects the month so do multiple entries but alter the number to reflect the month.. It may work..

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