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Outlook Express behaving very strangely

  Grandad99 23:56 16 Jun 2013

I have 4 contact lists covering club members. Each has between 80 and 89 addresses. I have used them for several years, addressing a message to myself and putting the contact list name on the BCC line and this has always worked - until tonight.

The first 2 message were transmitted OK but the next 2 failed for 2 reasons - too many names and my own address not recognised

A subsequent unrelated message to one different person got the same refusal, addressee not recognised and too many names!!

What is happening and how can I cure it?

  Batch 12:25 17 Jun 2013

On the "too many names" front, it could be that your ISP is placing restrictions as it is seeing your activity as being potential spam (i.e. several emails to a largish number of addressees in quick succession). If you try it again after a fair interval (e.g. a few hours), it may work.

  lotvic 18:45 17 Jun 2013

blueyonder is now virginmedia, I found this: (blueyonder)

scroll down to post from AndyT11 on 10-02-2011 14:14

Re: Too many emails within time period Please try later Options

quote/"I have spoken to VirginMedia support today and the answer from 2nd line support is that:

Blueyonder email users are limited to 50 recipients per email, 500 recipients per day and there is no rate limit in place (ie number of emails that can be sent per min or per hour).

When I queried the stated Sending limits of 100 recipients per email on the website, the answer came as "this is for VirginMedia emails, not Blueyonder"."/end quote, but

there is more info on link I posted

  lotvic 18:46 17 Jun 2013

Well duh, I forgot the link, here it is ClickHere

  Grandad99 19:29 17 Jun 2013

Thanks both. Still not working this morning so I deleted and reinstalled the mail settings - blueyonder - and it all works OK now.

The forum discussion is interesting, it was almost 2 years ago and I wonder if the problems have now been sorted.

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