Outlook Express Back-Up

  swagger 12:06 16 Aug 2005

Hi Everyone,

I suspect that this question may have been asked in the past.

How can I do a back-up of my E-mails in Outlook Express. Just got over a hard disk failure and lost some important E-Mails.
I believe you can back-up the address book by copying wab.exe to disk, but how do you do the same for E-mails. Any ideas would be welcome.
I don't use third party software to back-up, just copy my folders to a cd writer.



  BH34 12:30 16 Aug 2005

Have a look here click here

  pj123 12:32 16 Aug 2005

Don't know if this is the right way. But all I do is: File, Save As and save them to my 2nd hard drive. If I then want to put them on to a CD/DVD (which I don't normally) I would use Nero and burn them as Data on a Multisession Disk.

Personally I don't have any real need to keep emails longer than a couple of weeks.

The address book (xxx.wab) is the Windows 98SE file name, in Win XP it is called something else, (as I don't have Win XP I don't know what the file name is) which I also save to my second hard drive and also on to a floppy disk.

  scotty 12:34 16 Aug 2005

OE saves your emails in a series of files with names such as Inbox.dbx. There is a separate dbx file for each directory in OE. Do a search of your hardrive for Inbox.dbx to find the location where these files are stored. Back-up is a simple matter of copying these files.

  Dipso 21:22 16 Aug 2005
  Jackcoms 21:38 16 Aug 2005

Are you using XP?

If so, back up 'Everyone's Documents and Settings' to an external medium (such as a USB pen drive) and you'll back up your e-mails, address book and a lot more important stuff as well.

  swagger 18:14 17 Aug 2005

Hi There

Many thanks to all those who responded

I think the microsoft option appears to be the best. I need time to assess it.



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