Outlook Express attachments in Preview Pane

  Farleyjim 12:51 07 Jul 2006

Does anybody know why some attachments are in the preview pane before you even click on the attachment icon? This seems a bit dodgy to me. If you can see it without physically clicking to open it, is it already open? I know I can get rid of the preview pane but I would prefer just to stop the attachment appearing in there.

  Giggle n' Bits 12:54 07 Jul 2006

sometimes if its a acutal jpeg or picture, maybe scanned image and not a Text File only then it would show this.

What is important when security matters are involved with outlook express is to turn off the "Views Bar" which is a little window pane oblong at the very bottom of your screen.

  Farleyjim 14:04 07 Jul 2006

Thanks Big Byte.

  TonyV 14:05 07 Jul 2006

I had a similar problem some time ago. Look at this! click here

Hope this helps.


  Stuartli 14:10 07 Jul 2006

Attachments such as .jpegs can be sent either way.

However, in any case, you should ALWAYS have the Preview Pane Disabled - it's a known and very easy route for nasties to get into your system merely by clicking on an e-mail.

Disabling the Preview Pane then only brings up a list of e-mails - you double click on one to open it as normal if you are happy about the contents.

If you are not sure, right click on the highlighted e-mail>Properties>Details tab (for headers etc) or you can read the message from the Message button.

Anything untoward, just Cancel your way out and then use the Toolbar's Delete button.

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