Outlook Express attachments

  profi 11:29 30 Jul 2005

Having a bit of a problem with photos attached to OE emails.
What method does Windows (XP, SP2)use to sort attachments? It does not appear to be numerical or alphabetical, but some sort of haphazard (sorry, random) ordering. This is annoying when the text in the body of the message describes/explains the attached photos, but they appear in a different order at the end of the text. Anyone know of a method to force the order you want? Ta very much.

  Taff36 12:01 30 Jul 2005

Do you have Word? If so I would either compose a message in word and then send that as an attachment. The recipient, who must also have Word of course will find it easier to save the document to their hard disk and it will be easier for printing without all the e-mail headers etc.

The alternative is if you have Outlook installed on your machine as well as Outlook Express. Set up your e-mail account in Outlook and in tools options set Word to be your default e-mail text editor. Whenever you then send a new e-mail Word will open and you carry on as above.

Positioning pictures is a lot easier in Word - I can help you with that!

  profi 22:05 30 Jul 2005

Thanks Taff36 for the workaround. Still curious tho' to know how OE orders attachments.

  profi 00:42 02 Aug 2005


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