Outlook Express Attachment Icons Always Flagged

  westwit 00:27 16 Jun 2005

On a friend's new PC (XP SP2,IE6,OE6,AVG7,AdAware SE 1.06,Spybot S&D) all incoming emails are flagged in the Outlook Express Inbox as having an attachment - even though they haven't. Her ISP is Wanadoo / Freeserve and she uses the Windows Firewall.

Any ideas what is causing this and how to sort? I wondered if it was the AVG certificate - but it doesn't do this on my system which is the same apart from different ISP.

  DieSse 00:40 16 Jun 2005

Some people have said it is the AVG certificate (though I find that a bit strange). It could also be her email settings are to display in text only - in which case the HTML code (which most emails are in) would be an attachment.

Is it possible to alter the AVG attachment at all - to text only say? - I can't look, as I don't use it.

You could prove a ppint by taking off the AVG cert - which is not necessary - and seeing what happens.

  brambles 11:40 16 Jun 2005

Only if it's AVG
If you are using AVG don't worry - the little paper clips are really representing the effective attachment that AVG put into your email:
'No virus found in this incoming message. Checked by AVG Anti-Virus. Version: 7.0.322 / Virus Database: 267.0.0 - Release Date: 27/05/2005'

If you go to the AVG Control Centre - Click on Emails Box - Then click on Configure.

Remove the Certify Mail in Incoming & Outgoing Mail - if you want to. I leave it personally.

If you haven't got AVG then I don't know but it could be a similar explanation.

Hope this helps - nothing to worry about


  westwit 15:51 16 Jun 2005

Thanks Guys; I'll check if the mail is set to text only; nice one - hadn't thought of that;-)

If that doesn't work I'll try telling AVG not to certify the mail - although my copy of AVG certifies incoming and outgoing mail and I don't have this paperclip problem. My money's on the text / html tip.

I'll let you know how I get on when I have a chance to get to the other PC.

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