Outlook Express Address Book retrieval

  [DELETED] 00:04 22 Aug 2003

I recently was forced (again!) to reformat my HDD. I backed up almost everything to CD-RW, but simply highlighted OE and drag and dropped onto my slave HDD.
Now I can't retrieve any of the address' or anything. I strongly suspect that I have lost it forever...unless someone out there knows differently!

  [DELETED] 02:27 22 Aug 2003

Sorry I cant help this time but this will take you to top of page!

Next time you do a reformat open OE and in the File menu selet "export/address book"
you can then back it up to whereever you like, even a floppy

When you have re formatted go to OE file menu and select "import/address book", and select your backed up address book.

Job done your address book will be all back.

  xania 09:42 22 Aug 2003

One probelm with OE is that, wherever you copy your address book, it will be over-written by the new installation. The only alternatives are, as Simon, suggests, the floppy disk. But click here for a good cheap alternative to back up your e-mails, your address book, your IE favourites etc.

  [DELETED] 09:45 22 Aug 2003

If you want to see if it's actually somewhere on your CD, search for *.wab this will list your address book if it's there.

If it's not, tough luck.

  [DELETED] 20:10 22 Aug 2003

Thanks for that. Why is that all lessons learned (on computers) are invariably hard learned?

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