Outlook Express - address bar for wanadoo at foot!

  Ankermi31 14:27 21 May 2005

OS ... Windows XP Wanadoo as my ISP and OE for E-mails

Microsoft "blocked" something trying to download. Unfortunately it went to quickly I could not get it all but it appeared to read something along the lines Internet Explorer tried to download Address Bar.....dll

This was blocked by Micros Soft Antiware too but said "contained no spyware". This is reocurring

I then found my "address bar" on Wanadoo had disappeared (no probs there I have got it back!) BUT at the foot of Outlook Express there is another Address Bar relating it says to Wanadoo
with Web/Shopping/Pictures and an advert for Next.

How did it get there and how do I get rid of it please? At the mo I have dragged the bottom of the page to slightly cover it.

Thanks guys.

  Completealias 16:47 21 May 2005

Wanadoo customize IE and OE with there own address bars etc. Nice of them I know, try this open OE and then

View Layout and then there are a number of tick boxes I think one is listed as the information bar or something like that you can just try them it will do no harm. Anyway one of the bars listed is the wanadoo bar at the bottom of your screen and when you take the tick out of the corrisponding box and apply it should dissapear

  Ankermi31 12:25 22 May 2005

Thanks your reply.
Tried it, the Wanadoo entry has NO tick in it. Put one in, no difference, so have reverted it back to the way it way!!

Any further thoughts appreciated.

  rawsongreen 16:59 22 May 2005

I had this trouble also - and Wanadoo were no help - I re-entered all my accounts into a different identity and I never use the 'Wanadoo' identity. The first time I did this I deleted the 'Wanadoo' identity and Wanadoo put its bar back staight away so I now just leave the 'Wanadoo' identity as it is but never used.

  Sans le Sou 18:33 22 May 2005

This may help, look under utilities

click here

  Sans le Sou 18:35 22 May 2005

Make that- Utility

  Ankermi31 17:46 23 May 2005

Many thanks for your suggestions.

However being of the fairer sex I have had a tweak here and there and have no solved the problem. So a problem shared....

Open Outlook Express

Click View

Select Layout
You will bring up a panel with various titles.

Make sure there is no tick in Info Pane

Click Apply OK.

Hey Presto that Address Bar has disappeared.

Thanks a lot once more

  Sans le Sou 20:47 23 May 2005

Do not seem to have an Info Pane option anyway!

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