Outlook Express Across a Network....

  Freddog™ 12:01 19 Mar 2006

Hi there, I have three computers on a network and was wondering if it is possible to have Outlook Express across the network? What I mean is, I go and check my mail on my main PC and then go to my laptop and I haven't got the same emails. Is there a way of sharing the identitys? I have gone to OE and chose a different store location but then I can't click "OK". Ay help would be great. Oh yeah, I'm using XP Pro SP2! ;)

  Freddog™ 13:08 19 Mar 2006


  acfc 13:57 19 Mar 2006

If all you want is to be able to pick up your e mails from any and all PC's on the same network then you can set up oe on each one to use the same accounts.

Just ensure you go into the account properties, go to the advanced tab and tick 'Leave Copy on Server'. Then when you go to any PC the e mail will be collected. I would advise ticking the delete after so many days box or you could fill your mailbox.

I don't know how to get your sent mail to appear on each PC so maybe someone else can help if you also need that

  Freddog™ 15:09 19 Mar 2006

Got it going, mum & dad are please. Thank you again!

  spitt 12:03 22 Mar 2006


I'm not able to send e-mails by Outlook .
My PC is on Windows 2000. The problem has been
ongoing for a long time now. Each time I
contact Tiscali, and check settings (these OK)
I'm told all is well their end, the fault lies
with O.E.
Every time I send e-mail, error message
occurs saying unable to connect to my server:
smtp. Any ideas please to eliminate my
constant frustration!


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