Outlook Express - Accounts

  nangadef 16:26 29 Sep 2008

Windows XP - IE7 - OE6

I want to add an account but I've lost all references to 'Accounts' under 'Tools' and 'File - Import/Export' etc. in Outlook Express.

I've tried 'sfc /scannow', 'msimn /reg' and everything suggested on the MS help site, but no joy.

Anyone any idea what else I can try?


  mgmcc 16:51 29 Sep 2008

What happens if you hold down the "Alt" key and then press "T" for the Tools menu, followed by "A" which would normally open the Accounts dialog box?

  Sea Urchin 16:59 29 Sep 2008

This Kellys-Korner script should fix it for you

click here

  nangadef 18:01 29 Sep 2008

Thanks for the replies.

mgmcc - I just get a 'beep'.

Sea Urchin - I hope that was safe cos I've no idea what it is. No change, but I'll try a reboot.

  Sea Urchin 19:26 29 Sep 2008

Have a read through this, which by chance also refers to the Kellys-Korner script. The problem is eventually resolved, so I hope it can work for you

click here

  nangadef 19:27 29 Sep 2008

Reboot - no change.

Re-installed IE7 - no change.

  johnnyrocker 20:14 29 Sep 2008

press F11?


  nangadef 21:46 29 Sep 2008

Sea Urchin - looked very promising, but alas no joy with any of it (what a pain removing SP3).

johnnyrocker press F11?.....when?

  Sea Urchin 23:19 29 Sep 2008

Seems a strange problem, but googling it seems you are not alone - trouble is no-one seems to have a solution. One might be tempted to try a repair to OE

click here

but it seems you've tried most of these things already. Do you know when you last had Accounts properly listed on the Tools menu? If so I guess you could try a system restore to before that. Apart from that I'm flummoxed.

  nangadef 08:17 30 Sep 2008

Thanks Sea Urchin, but you're right I've already visited that site.

I've no idea when 'Accounts' was last there, it's the first time in years that I've wanted to add a new address.

Thanks for your support.

  Sea Urchin 08:31 30 Sep 2008

It's not an answer to your problem, but have you considered changing to Windows Live Mail. It's very similar to OE and will easily import your account details and messages, and you soon get used to the slight differences.

click here

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