outlook express

  the kopite 11:05 30 Jun 2003

Hi Guys its that time of the year .My ISP is AOL does anybody know away I can access outlook express as AOL will not have anything to do with Bill (dont know what Bill has done to AOL but I know what I would like to do to Bill's windows The Kopite

  Sir Radfordin 11:46 30 Jun 2003

Without using third party software to link between OE and AOL the answer is no. AOL mail does not use POP/SMTP settings like normal ISPs.

  Djohn 13:01 30 Jun 2003

Though Sir Radfordin is correct, AOL will not work with Outlook, it will in the near future! For the time being you can download from AOL the BETA version of it's new e-mail program,(It's working fine with no obvious problems).

The program is called AOL Communicator, looks, feels, and operates very much like Outlook. From this one program you can send/receive mail from as many accounts as you wish, including of course all POP3 mail accounts. Regards. j.

  the kopite 20:55 02 Jul 2003

Thanks djohn Iwill try comunicator as regards you saying soon AOL will work with outlook I had also heared that so I asked AOL and they said they have no intention of working with outlook as I said I dont know what Bill has done shafted them like he has shafted us all THE KOPITE

  Stuartli 21:17 02 Jul 2003

Somewhat cynical with regards to Bill.....

My son is an IT support specialist - he once told me that if I ever installed AOL on my system for any reason whatsoever, he would not be accepting invitations to clear up the resulting chaos.

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