Outlook Express

  sirlancelot 11:35 22 May 2003

Hi all , is there a file within Windows XP Pro which contians all your e-mails?
I am trying to back them up to my a: so i can re-install my OS...


  -pops- 11:39 22 May 2003

Check out the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard where you can save all sorts of your personal settings, including email, ready for transfer to a new install.


  sirlancelot 11:43 22 May 2003

I really just wanted them backed up to an a: disc for transfer to other systems which are not connected to the net as well!
Any idea where they would be stored?


  BigDunc 11:47 22 May 2003

Doubt that a floppy will hold many messages. There is a programme which will back up all the different files that OE uses ie the inbox, sent and contacts. (It's called oebw.exe (835kb); Outlook Express backup wizard, see Microsoft site) For this very reason, I use Outlook which contains everything in the one "outlook.pst" file and the size varies between 15-50MB, obviously depending on usage and deleting.

  -pops- 11:58 22 May 2003

My use of the term "all sorts" didn't necessarily mean all files. You select to save whichever ones you want which you can then transfer to another XP computer.

  -pops- 12:00 22 May 2003

Note: the default on F&STW is the floppy drive although you need an awful lot if you do a full transfer.

  sirlancelot 12:01 22 May 2003

Thanks for the help guys - but their is a file with windows which contians the outlook express files - I read about it in a pcadvisor.

Its a temp file somewhere - I am not back up or anything i just need 20/30 small emails on a floppy for reference...


  dth 14:49 22 May 2003

the email files are held in dbx folders. If you do a search (include system files) on your P/C for *.dbx you will find them.

30 emails should fit on a floppy without any problems.

  Patr100 14:55 22 May 2003

Why don't you use the export/import option in Outlook Express provided you have OE on the other PC.

  MartinT-B 15:14 22 May 2003

To copy the contentrs of your Store Folder - First, Locate it!

Open OE

Tools -> Options -> Maintenance Tab.

Look for Store Folder Button, Click it.

New Window will pop up with location which will look something like this C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Identities\{374D7CC0-A2AE-11D2-A182-A3C274F18127}\Microsoft\Outlook Express

Right click it -> Select all -> Copy.

Go to Start -> Run and paste into addess bar, Click Okay.

That takes you to the INSIDE of your folder with all the .dbx files.

Copy them all, or one by one, Up to you.


Locate the folder as above.

Delete everything, I mean EVERYTHING in the folder.

Replace with your back up.

You will also need to back up your address book.

  MartinT-B 15:16 22 May 2003

There will be a diff store folder for each user BTW

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