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  worf 20:25 20 Feb 2003

Hi all,

Can I save my saved email folder in Outlook Express to another location eg if I wanted to put it into my documents or is it a case of saving each individual email.
The reason I am doing this is I am about to carry out a backup of everything.

  the lone cloner 22:10 21 Feb 2003

click on mail after folder is open drag to desk top then rt click and send where ever.

  MAJ 22:30 21 Feb 2003

You don't have to save each email individually, worf, you can export all the folders by going to File > Export > Messages, in OE, then follow the wizard. Or you can go to your Store Folder, copy all the files in there to another folder anywhere else on your hard drive.

  worf 22:52 21 Feb 2003

Thanks for the replies folks.

I tried the export function but the two options it gave me was to export to Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange so I didn't bother following the wizard any further.
Where is the Store Folder? I am running XP Pro.

the lone cloner
Tried this one aswell however, it will not let me do this with folders eg saved email folder. It will onlt allow me to do it with individual emails. I have about 50 saved emails stored in various saved email folders in Outlook Express so I don't want to have to do this for every single email if I can help it.

Any further suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  MAJ 23:00 21 Feb 2003

Your store folder will be at this path:

D:\Documents and Settings\maj\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\25-digit ID number\Microsoft\Outlook Express.

Do it the second way I susgested above, that's the way I backup my emails, worf. You can save them to floppy or CD if you wish, instead of your hard drive.

  MAJ 23:02 21 Feb 2003

That should read:

C:\Documents and Settings\maj\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\25-digit ID number\Microsoft\Outlook Express.

  worf 01:57 22 Feb 2003


Thanks for that I'll check it out.

  worf 02:07 22 Feb 2003


further to your last I have just checked it out and I have three of them but only two accounts. I keep them both seperate because one is work and one is private. I think the third must be the default account as there is only the main folders in there (Inbox/Outbox etc)
Should I backup all three or is there no point in backing up the default one?

  MAJ 07:49 22 Feb 2003

You only need to backup the account/s with your emails in, worf, I suppose you will want to backup both your work and home accounts, just in case. Go to, say, your Home account and copy all the .dbx files into another folder called "Home" (or whatever), then go to your work account and copy all the .dbx files to another folder called "Work" (or whatever). When you have done that, that's them backed up. You can now go back and delete all the .dbx files in those two original folders, close OE. When you reopen OE, new clean folders inbox, sent, etc. will have been created with their .dbx files and you're ready to start over again with nice empty OE folders. When and if you want or need some of those backed up emails again. Go back to OE > Tools > Options > Maintenance tab > Store Folder button and click the "Change" button. That will allow you to change where OE looks for the .dbx files. Point it to change to your "Home" or "Work" folder, (whichever one the desired email is in), close OE and when you reopen OE all you old backed up emails will be restored.

  worf 11:17 22 Feb 2003

Thats excellent MAJ, thanks for the help

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