Outlook Express 6....use of Mailwasher

  [DELETED] 23:19 20 Aug 2003

Suzie005's earlier problem with SoBig aroused my interest when she mentioned being foolish in opening the mail.I have also read the various topics on Mailwasher. I use Outlook Express 6 and whenever I start the program it opens with the "home" page NOT straight to inbox. If I have any new messages I am infomed of this and I click on the notification which then opens my inbox and usually the message immediately opens and can be read from the preview area in the bottom. Does this mean that if any infected e mail is sent to me I am immediately doomed because of using OE?(even if I do not open the attachment?) I am very lucky in that I do not suffer from Spam (yet!)I use McAfee Professional Virus Scan with updated Dat files (another again today) and have Zone Alarm installed. Will I really benefit from installing Mailwasher?

  woodchip 23:40 20 Aug 2003

When you open MaiWasher it should look at your Mail accounts and give you a preview of mail that you can download or delete before downloading. Do not open OE before you check MailWasher. When you have deleted any mail you do not want double click on message to have a look, then click Process mail button and it will open OE

  [DELETED] 09:48 21 Aug 2003

Preview Pane - best to switch it off just in case.

  [DELETED] 10:28 21 Aug 2003

"best to switch it off just in case"... How? In tools\options\general, all but two rules are CHECKED, the two unchecked are .."when starting go directly to my inbox" and "notify me if there are any new newsgroups".Under tools\options\read, i have unchecked "automatically download message when viewing in preview pane". This as far as I can tell is the only mention of preview pane in the options menu. I DO NOT have Mailwasher installed, is it a good software to use?

  xania 10:32 21 Aug 2003

or you can click here tosee what e-mails you have waiting and delete them at source.

  [DELETED] 10:53 21 Aug 2003

another option (that I use) is to set outlook express to read emails in 'plain text'

  [DELETED] 11:18 21 Aug 2003

I've tried this option just now and looked at previous messages in my inbox. By reading in plain text I get an attachment icon and this includes a greyed out notice of an ATT00**(number) attachment which cannot be saved as the option is not available. What are these ATT attachments. Reading the message in normal mode doesn't show any attachments! Sorry for being Thick!
Xania.. the mail2web sounds like a good idea but also looks like an invitation to open up my mailbox to advertisers. Has anyone else experience of the mail2web.com service? Is installing Mailwasher a good choice?

  [DELETED] 13:01 21 Aug 2003

Mail2web is good - Mailwasher is better.

  [DELETED] 13:08 21 Aug 2003

for what its worth, I used mailwasher for some time and didn't find much difference to reveiwing my mail from source. I am on ntl and if I use webmail from their home page I can review all my mail - -from any pc attached to the web. I can read from here too - - - and delete any that I don't want. These emails will stay on the mail server (ntl) until I download them using Outlook Express. I did use the free version of mailwasher, primarily to 'bounce' all unwanted spam I was getting but have since heard that this isn't a good idea - - so felt the advantages over the webmail thingy was non-existance.
Just my 2 penneth

  [DELETED] 15:21 21 Aug 2003

View Menu, Layout.., Uncheck Show Preview Pane.

  [DELETED] 19:44 21 Aug 2003

Got it now, thanks! I'm still undecided about mailwasher or the mail2web.

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