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  User-D5390C4E-4227-4FF3-B80F5A0BD992009C 12:08 01 Jan 2003

Is there a way to transfer my address book, settings, folders and emails from Outlook Express to Outlook?

I have been using OE for some time and have been very happy with it, but I was given a PDA for Christmas and would like to synchronise with Outlook. I don't want to lose everything I've got in OE. I'm running Outlook 97 and OE 5.5 on Win 98SE.


  jazzypop 12:18 01 Jan 2003

Go to OE, choose File > Export, export as CSV (comma-delimited).

Then start up Outlook, choose File > Import, import as CSV.

Note that this makes a copy of your OE data - you will still retain the original data in OE.

On a more general point, perhaps now is the time to start using Outlook as your primary mail / contacts client. You might get into the situation where you are having to 'synchronise' OE with Outlook, then Outlook with your PDA. Wave goodbye to OE :)

Jazz - Thanks, your're a marvellous person! It was so easy. All I have to do now is work out how to block all those *** spammers!

Happy New Year!

I agree with Jazz - ditch OE.

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