Outlook Express 6 - won't work offline

  Newuser2198 22:41 13 Jul 2004

Win98SE, OE6, DialUp, BT Internet.
When opening OE6 and try to work 'offline' prog keeps trying to dial out.
Press 'cancel', press 'work offline'. 'Cancel' reappears, followed by 'work offline'.
Have tried 'File', 'Work offline' but problem same.
Okay before upgrading Win98SE and re-installing BT dialler last week.
Can anybody help?
Many thanks.

  Night Ryder 23:16 13 Jul 2004

In OE6 click on tools and internet options. In the box that appears select connections. There should be an option "Never dial a connection". Click on this and close.

  Smegs 23:18 13 Jul 2004

Try this, Open OE6, goto Tools-Options-then the General Tab. In the Send/Receive section, there is a drop down box. Just disconnect from the internet and change that box to Do Not Connect. Try it and see.

  end 23:42 13 Jul 2004

or try; open OE/click on File/should show a list at the bottom of which is "work off-line", and "tick" it.....

  end 23:44 13 Jul 2004

(sorry "mispost" I"ll go back to ....)

  Newuser2198 03:19 15 Jul 2004

In trying out these suggestions I discovered that the root cause of the problem was a BT Dialler. Once it was removed and the connection details re-entered manually the problem was resolved.
My thanks to everybody for setting me off in the right direction...


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