Outlook express 6 to windows live mail

  emmandelo1 21:52 14 Jun 2010

Hi, i have XP with OE6. have downloaded and installed Windows Live Mail. When installed it automatically imported my three e-mail accounts from OE. It imported everything that was currently in the inbox for each account but not the e-mails there were in the storage folders within each inbox. Is there any way of getting these from OE to Live Mail

  shizzy 22:05 14 Jun 2010

If you scroll the inbox and sent items list you will find storage folders.

  emmandelo1 22:14 14 Jun 2010

yes shizzy, done that but it's empty. is it anything to do with in OE all 3 different e-mail accounts went into the one inbox but in win Live Mail it's sorted them into 3 different inboxs

  shizzy 22:16 14 Jun 2010

We have copied a system image on to a new larger hard drive, is it possible to get the new drive size to be recognized rather than the old smaller size.
Or is it best to leave well alone please.
Windows 7 64bit.

  shizzy 22:18 14 Jun 2010

Started a new one.

  lotvic 22:48 14 Jun 2010

Are you still able to open Outlook Express and are the folders with the emails still there?

If so then, Drag the folders OUT of the Inbox and put them in LOCAL FOLDERS

so it looks like:

Outlook Express
- Local Folders
...Sent Items
...Deleted Items
...Fred 2006
...Fred 2007
...Fred 2008

Read another similar thread to see if it helps click here (emails vanish from inbox )

  Muergo 13:53 15 Jun 2010

I have OE and Windows live mail, when live mail went in it did not automatically swap over from OE.

Is that because I left OE as default browser.
If I change default browser will it do the same, and can you go back if you prefer OE after all?

Running XP SP3

  emmandelo1 14:07 15 Jun 2010

i haven't a clue Muergo. the only reason i installed Live Mail was because I am having to set up my father-in-laws new laptop when he gets and became aware that W7 doesn't come with OE. I have XP so i thought i had better figure out Live Mail. I downloaded and installed it and it automatically copied settings etc from OE. I still have OE set as default but I can use either of them to retrieve mail. So basically I have them both and can use them both. I haven't had a chance to try lotvic' suggestion but will let you know how I get on

  emmandelo1 18:46 15 Jun 2010

hi, okay I have finally sorted this. Lotvic's suggestion pointed me in the right direction although it didn't resolve it. found out how to do it here:
click here

so shall mark as resolved Cheers.

  Muergo 13:23 16 Jun 2010

Comparing the two programs, which one is better?
I have not installed W7 yet, still on XP, so don't NEED to go over to Windows Mail until I am forced to and then may run Thunderbird or ??

Just wanted a personal hands on view of the two.

  emmandelo1 13:35 16 Jun 2010

The only slightly annoying thing with Live Mail is this. I have 3 different mail accounts all web based. In OE mail from any of the 3 come into the one inbox regardless of which account they've come from. With windows Live I've actually now got three different inboxs together with sent/deleted/drafts etc for each account. I guess it's just what you get used to. if there was a way (there might well be but I haven't discovered it yet)of having just one in box in Live Mail I would be a happier bunny. But as i say it's habit more than anything. I really must stop trying to resist change. I am still on XP I haven't stopped using OE. Currently using both of them. So you could certainly download Live Mail and see how you get on with it.

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