Outlook Express 6 problems

  weejohn28 17:44 14 Sep 2012

I am using windows xp and outlook express 6. Something has gone wrong with the outlook express and I wonder if I should UNINSTALL it and then download it from the internet.
Before doing this I should like to know if the EMAILS which are presently on the computer would be untouched and remain where they are. Can anyone clarify this for me? Thank you very much. Weejohn.

  Woolwell 17:52 14 Sep 2012

Outlook Express is a component of Windows XP. What is wrong with OE?

  weejohn28 14:29 17 Sep 2012

Thank you for your prompt reply. I was trying to assist a friend who unfortunately is away at the moment but from memory it was the TOOL BAR and MENU BAR which were corrupted, the MENU BAR looked something like this;

File Edit[*] Create Mail

In order to bring up the Folders list on the left hand side of the list of Emails she had to click the ASTERICK in the Edit.

This is why I wondered if it would be easier to uninstall the programme and then reinstall, the thing is she has lots of Emails which she has never erased(she did not know how)and although I explained how to do this quickly she wants to save some of them, prior to erasing. Weejohn

  Woolwell 14:44 17 Sep 2012

It's long time since I used Outlook Express. I think that she may have inadvertently customised the menu bar. Better wait for someone with more recent experience of OE to reply.

  Woolwell 15:05 17 Sep 2012
  lotvic 15:14 17 Sep 2012

Post back when you know for definite what she has displayed at top of OE.

You could try rightclick on the bar that contains: File, Edit, View, Tools, Message, Help, and tick 'Toolbar'

Then rightclick in that toolbar and click on 'Customize' and add the buttons she wants quick access to.

  lotvic 15:39 17 Sep 2012

http://www.insideoe.com/sitemap.htm will tell you all about OE.

In Windows XP, the Outlook Express user files, including *.wab and *.dbx files, are by default marked as hidden. To view these files in Explorer, you must enable Show Hidden Files and Folders under, Start | Control Panel | Folder Options | View.

http://www.insideoe.com/files/store.htm#storemain The emails default Store Folder is usually in

C:\Documents and Settings\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities{GUID}\Microsoft\Outlook Express

or sometimes in C:\Windows\Application Data\Outlook Express{GUID} (GUID is a long string of numbers and letters)

You can check where it is kept in OE | Tools | Options | Maintenance tab | and click on the 'Store Folder' button

This is just one way (there are other ways) to make a backup copy of the emails: Once you have located the Store Folder, Copy the Outlook Express folder to another Folder in 'My Documents' (make a new folder with any name you want, to put it in to) You make a copy of the Outlook Express folder that contains the the individual .dbx files. So it will look like this 'My Docs', 'New Folder', Outlook Express

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