outlook express 6 - location of folders

  Newuser819 18:18 17 Apr 2004

For some while all my email folders have been stored in "my documents" rather than their default locations as dbx files.

Whilst trying to move all files in bulk from "my documents" into the new "drive" created by the Steganos Safe 5 programme (last months pc advisor disc) I had to halt the transfer due to lack of space in the new drive. I therefore copied all the files and folders back in bulk to "my documents".

Whilst all the dbx files are present, they have disappeared from outlook express and I cannot access them.

How can I link them again please.

  Eric10 18:36 17 Apr 2004

We need to know your operating system before anyone can tell you where they should go as different OS use different locations.

  Eric10 18:46 17 Apr 2004

I've just looked at my Outlook Express 6 and I've found that if you go to Tools, Options, Maintenance, and click the 'Store Folder...' button it will tell you where OE 6 is looking for your emails. You will need to click inside the box and use your arrow keys to read the full path. There is also a Change button if you want it to look at where the .dbx files are now instead.

  temp003 18:52 17 Apr 2004

Are you using OE 6? What OS?

Are you saying that the dbx files are still put by you in a folder in My Documents. I don't know anything about Steganos Safe, I assume it hasn't changed any attribute of the dbx files.

In OE, click Tools, Options, Maintenance tab, Store Folder. Check that the path to the folder where the dbx files are put, is correct. If not, change it to the correct path.

E.g. in Windows 98, the location of the folder may be C:\My Documents\foldername

In XP, it may be C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserName\My Documents\foldername

where foldername is the name of the subfolder in My Documents where you store the dbx files.

Click OK and so on.

  Newuser819 20:51 19 Apr 2004

Thanks for suggestions. Sorry for delay in answering but I did not receive expected emails advising of responses.

All my dbx files are located in a folder using the following path "c\docs & settings\my username\my documents\emailhold"

In outlook express through tools\options\maintenance\store folder the store location shows exactly the same path, but I still cannot read any of the files.

In trying to change the name of the folder all my emails disappeared and I had to recover them using a backup system, but even before this I was still unable to read them.

Clicking on one of these files eg "retained inbox" always opens outlook express but it does not reveal its contents or even the existance of that file/folder.

Any other ideas please


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