Outlook Express 6 - The Host could not be found

  First Bass 10:49 15 Dec 2003

I keep getting the error message"The host "pop3.lineone.net" could not be found. Please verify that you have entered the server name correctly, error number 0800CCC0D" Now I HAVE entered everything correctly, checked that my default connection is lineone, that the connection shouldn't hang up, and that my incoming and outgoing mail are correctly specified as pop3.lineone.net and smtp.lineone.net..but I still can't connect with Outlook Express 6. I CAN connect to the server and use the hotmail there, but this is a real hassle, and I cannot manage my E-Mail properly. What is going on here??!

  smegs 11:20 15 Dec 2003

First Bass, try taking the 3 out after the "POP". Not sure if it will work.

  spikeychris 12:38 15 Dec 2003

Your settings are correct, are you using a firewall? if so you will need to Configure your firewall to grant access to the Internet for the following file.


Port 110 for outbound and inbound access on port 25.

If the above is not relevant do you use Norton? if so disable the mail scanner.

  AndyJ 12:40 15 Dec 2003

According to Tiscali, pop3.lineone.net is correct (providing your email ends with lineone.net and not tiscali.net)

The error you describe is normally down to a typo error; I know you said you've typed it in correctly but check again...delete if necessary and make sure you put full stops between each word and not commas. Also make sure there is no full stop at the end or an additional space(these are very common mistakes which are oftern missed.

Also, sometimes Norton can affect email if you're running it. If you're sure your connections is correct and you are running Norton, try disabling automatic scanning of email.

If it still won't work and you've got an internet connection click here

  First Bass 19:36 15 Dec 2003

A big thank you for all your replies.
Spikeychris and AndJ seem to have hit the mark in highlighting Norton as a potential problem with my OE6. It wasn't enough to disable the E-Mail scanner, I had to disable Norton Firewall 2003 and Norton Systemworks 2003. The problem may well be in there somewhere. I enabled Zone Alarm, and this was quite OK on running OE6, so I have Firewall protection, plus I enabled AVG anti- virus. The connection Andyj suggested was very helpful, as Tiscali seem to have this issue on file.

I will try to see if I can reconfigure the Norton software...and if not, I'll keep the above software running.


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