Outlook Express 6 Error?

  [DELETED] 13:09 21 May 2003

HI all

I have a problem with outlook Express 6 on windows XP Home Edition every time I open outlook express its ok no problems but when I click on the cross at the top hand corner of the screen it closes but then I get this error message

MSIMN.EXE Application Error

The Instruction at "0x77f51d26" referenced memory at "0x009a4e7c" the memory could not be "written"

click ok to terminate the program anyone know whaat ths means as it comes up every time after closing outlook express 6

  powerless 22:02 26 May 2003

Do you have Service Pack 1 Installed and additional OE updates after that?

  [DELETED] 14:22 27 May 2003

yes powerless I have the servicepack 1 installed and all current updates apart from the q811493 as I have read that this update slows ur comp down.

  [DELETED] 15:13 27 May 2003

I have been in touch with M/S this morning, and after taking my details they placed me in the Que for help with Outlook Express, then said because of the large amount of calls due to the bank holiday weekend they will phone me back on Thursday morning to address the problem.

Sorry I can't help any further at the moment, but hope to do so on Thursday. I also followed the instructions from Powerless and though it has logged the fault, on connecting to the knowledge base there is no definitive answer. J.

  [DELETED] 17:13 27 May 2003

thanks Djohn I wonder if its generally outlook express 6 being the problem or is it a problem with pervious versions aswell that people have been experienceing.

  [DELETED] 17:30 27 May 2003

As a side issue, I was concerned to find that although purchase of the retail version of M/S products entitles you to on-line help for the life of the product, it only gives you 2 phone calls.

All other phone calls for help involve a fee of £185.00 plus VAT! Yes, the figure is correct, I asked them to repeat it.

On any issue that is causing a problem, you are given a case no. and this will remain valid for as long as is necessary to cure the problem, but once you say OK, that's it.

Make sure you have resolved the issue and do not agree to the case being closed until you are happy with the answer and the problem is fixed., even if you need to run test for several weeks to satisfy yourself as to the cure.

This is not a complaint in any way, more a way of saying, before you resort to asking M/S for help, come here to the forum and every other place you can think of and use your valuable (2)lifelines if all else fails. Regards. J.

  [DELETED] 12:53 28 May 2003

Hi thats very interesting Djohn

however I think only haveing 2 lifelines from microsoft is abit off and after that having to pay £185.00 plus VAT I never knew that thanks for telling me maybe that has shocked others too.

  [DELETED] 13:17 29 May 2003

First the good news. Technician phoned a short while back, and we appear to have cured the problem.

Second bit is that we need to test it for several days, just to make sure.

While on the phone, I was asked to open/close O/E several times, each time the same message came up on screen but with different reference numbers.

Then I disabled Anti-virus and tried again (AVG), this time everything worked fine, tested several times.

Now comes the unusual bit, I was asked to re-enable AVG, expecting the fault to return, but it didn't. Sent a couple of test e-mails to myself, and still works fine. Did a cold restart of PC, and it is still working fine.

Technician was as surprised as me. I explained that I normally leave my PC running 24/7 and do not re-boot after update of AVG.

The only conclusion we could reach, was that Anti-virus program had been holding on to an area of memory within O/L Express and needed to be disabled and then re-enabled so that memory would be (Free to be written). M/S have left the case open until I am happy with the solution.

Try the same with your sys. Disable your Anti-virus, open/close O/L Express and re-enable Anti-virus again, hope you have the same results as me. Regards J.

  [DELETED] 18:22 29 May 2003

thanks Djohn for getting back to me on this problem ill try disabling mine and see what happens


  [DELETED] 13:32 01 Jun 2003

Hi Djohn again

I think it seemd to do the trick of disabling my virus scan then renabling it afterwards thanks for all ur help and to everyone who has responded to this thread


  [DELETED] 00:08 14 Jun 2003

Nope sorry done all of the above, and still error appears. Same error most times when shutting down outlook express.I'm running xp professional all updates and patches installed and was running pc-cillin 2003 which i removed and problem still present... Sorry ....Still nothing on net about any other solutions all seems to be the same idea , but not on that defintley works

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