Outlook Express 6 attachments renamed

  Heefie 18:14 14 Aug 2004

I am using Win2k, Outlook Express 6 & ZoneAlarm (free), all of them fully up to date.

Sometime in the past week or so, something has changed so that all E:Mail attachments that arrive in my INBOX have had all spaces removed from their name !!!

For instance, if I am sent an E:Mail entitled "This is a test" and it is sent with an attachment called "This is a test.txt" (or .PDF so it's nothing to do with the file type) when it arrives in my INBOX the E:Mail subject line is OK, but the attachment is now called "Thisisatest.txt" !!!

Any ideas ?!?!?

  VoG II 19:20 14 Aug 2004

Does this happen with e-mails sent to you from different contacts, or is it always from the same address?

  Heefie 20:31 14 Aug 2004

It's ALL E:Mail attachments, as far as I know ... and I have a friend in Scotland who is getting the same problem !!!

  tiggertwo 20:30 16 Aug 2004

I am having EXACTLY the same problem. I had been on holiday and came back and fully updated my windows and zone alarm. I am using XP SP1 and OE6.

My first thought was perhaps this was a zone alarm issue but I am pretty sure that the losing of spaces in file attachment names started on Friday and I only upgraded Zone alarm on Saturday.

  Heefie 22:30 16 Aug 2004

Well I don't think I've updated anything, but Windows Update tends to run itself, so maybe it's something to do with that !!!

According to my Windows Update Installation History, I applied "Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 (KB867801)" on 31st July, and the lasr time I can definitely say I had an E:Mail attachment that has NOT been renamed is before this !!!

  Heefie 22:52 16 Aug 2004

I can't find anything on the Microsft site within the description of this Knowledge Base article that mentions Outlook Express, but that doesn't necessarily mean a thing !!!

It would be interesting to hear if anybody else is getting the same problems and if so, what E:Mail client they are using & whether they have recently updated Windows !!!

  tiggertwo 23:06 16 Aug 2004

My windows update installation history shows exactly the same last entry as you. Not sure if this is releveant or not

  Heefie 08:04 17 Aug 2004

Well my friend in Scotland says that the last time he received an attachment with spaces in it was on July 30th ... he also has this same update applied on July 31st ... this looks very suspicious to me !!!

Is there some way PC Advisor can follow up on this for us ? What can we do about it ?!?!

Administrators, any suggestions ?!?

  dth 09:57 17 Aug 2004

is the the option to 'read all messages in plain text' set?

oe / tools / options / read

  Heefie 17:44 17 Aug 2004

No, what does that do ?

  Heefie 08:21 27 Aug 2004

As I've already said, I'm using Outlook Express 6. When I receive an E:Mail with an attachment, click on the paperclip icon & choose "Save Attachments", I can choose where to Save the file(s) to, but do not have an option to Rename them at this point, I have to remember to physically hunt them down & rename them as I require.

Does anybody have, or know of, a Utility that will give me the option of rename the Attachment as I save it ?!?!

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