Outlook Express 5 missing messages

  Finetune 22:05 21 Sep 2003

I recently opened OU5 only to find it failed to load in past messages. When I rebooted all was well but it happened again and this time a year's messages did not come back!

Is there an automatic back up and if not is there an easy way to back up?

Can I get my files back?


  Stuartli 22:27 21 Sep 2003

In View have you disabled Show All Messages in Current View?

  Tinkey Winkey 22:28 21 Sep 2003

Just to cheer you up - I lost a years worth of Outlook Express.
Even posted a "WTF?" on here.To this day I still don't know what happened to all my emails?

Tried searching my PC but all OE the folders were empty?

I know backup all of OE !!

you can see my past thread by searching for " Vanishing Outlook Express e-mails????"

  Tinkey Winkey 22:31 21 Sep 2003

I Now backup even !

  Finetune 15:47 22 Sep 2003

In answer to Stuartli ie whether View is set to all messages - yes

My sub folders are Ok just the main In Box has a year's worth that seem to have gone. I understand OU compresses the files each time it closes and then decompresses on opening.

In answer to Pink Panther you've definitely not cheered me up!

What procedure do you use to back up?

It sounds like most people have a disaster waiting to happen here or am I the only one that does not back up OU email messages?

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