outlook express

  imstuck 19:15 21 Nov 2011

Still not solved.... followed instruction with fruitbat.no joy.still prompts email and password...help please

  iscanut 19:18 21 Nov 2011

Why not continue with your original thread ? How do we know what the problem is ?

  imstuck 19:31 21 Nov 2011

lol well that told me:have you ever thought that i dont quite know how these sites work!!!!!!!!i just though old thread nobody will be looking at it now!! you see my LOGIC!!!!!

  lotvic 19:42 21 Nov 2011

imstuck, your logic is flawed, just reading this thread no-one has a clue what your problem is and you know perfectly well how to post on your 'old' unresoved thread to continue it. http://www.techadvisor.co.uk/forums/1/helproom/4093973/outlook-express/

Everytime there is new post on a thread it goes to the top of the list of page 1 of the helproom so everyone will see it is not resolved and needs help.

  imstuck 20:01 21 Nov 2011

listen !i have an understanding how to start a new thread or post on an old one.i realise i started a new one without any details,ok my mistake! your tone offends me! why dont you try looking at my old thread and helping instead of being a negative soft-arse!

  lotvic 20:15 21 Nov 2011

Whoa, no need for that, would be better to apologise now before it goes any further.

I had to search for your old thread, thanks for that, like I've got anything better to do..... as it happens I have responded on your old thread before came back to this one only to read your abuse. Will not be so willing to help you in future.

  onthelimit1 20:20 21 Nov 2011

imstuck. I suggest you calm down a bit and consider that people give their free time up to help those with problems. Getting rather aggresive and arogant is not the way to receive assistance (at least, not on this site!).

  iscanut 23:09 21 Nov 2011

I did not see anything offensive in lotvic's reply. This is one thread I will not spend any more time on.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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