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  Yimbo 11:14 30 Apr 2011

In the Deleted Items window, I keep getting the message "Are you sure you want to pemanently delete these messages?" - when I haven't even tried to delete anything! My Inbox has been deleted and sent to "Deleted Items"

Also, in composing this thread, if I leave it for a minute or so, the message deletes before my eyes!" Somthing;s badly wrong somewhere! Anybody help??

  johndrew 12:06 30 Apr 2011

The first thing you need to do is run a good antivirus and antimalware check on your PC. Text shouldn't be deleted automatically any more than e-mail.

When you have done the above, see if the problem is still present. If it is post with your OS, findings of the AV and malware scans (and what you scanned with) and what was found.

  Yimbo 17:11 30 Apr 2011

Thanks Johndrew. I'm using Windows XP with SP3. I've run my Malwarebytes and Zone Alarm programs - but neither found anything amiss. However, it appears to have rectified itself - hopefully for good - whatever it was!

It all semms to have started when I booted up, and got a blue screen headed "General Help" - with lots of options, all to do with CMOS and BIOS, about which I know little or nothing. I tried to leave well alone, but the screen persisted, and I eventually I had to force a shutdown to get rid of it. I've no idea what prompted it in the first place, and I've certainly never seen such a screen before!

Thanks again for your help! It's much appreciated!

  johndrew 15:41 01 May 2011

Go to 'Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Computer Management/Event Viewer/System' and scroll down the list to the date & time when it happened. You may see a red disk with a white 'X' in it (or many), double click on the first you come to and a window will open with some details, these may give a clue. If there is more than one you can use the arrows in the top right of the information box to move through the list and, hopefully, find something that helps.

It could all have been caused by a corrupt boot up, but that would be strange in itself. More likely a bit of software acting in a very odd manner.

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