outlook express

  sopwith 13:11 17 Jul 2008

ive just started usin oe again after using orange webmail for yonks
ive drpped a clanger and sent all my in bos to the delete box by mistale
is there a way to transfer them back to inbox enmass rather than having to drag them all back individually

  MAT ALAN 13:16 17 Jul 2008

i have just tried with mine and at the moment cannot see a way to restore enmass

  mfletch 13:21 17 Jul 2008

try holding Ctrl down and clicking on all the emails you want to send back to the inbox,

Then right click>move to folder>inbox

  peter99co 13:21 17 Jul 2008

When you are in the delete box click on a mail and the click on edit at the top of the screen and Select All in the drop down box. then right click on the selected mails and click on Move to folder and they will go where you want them.

  peter99co 13:26 17 Jul 2008

The select all command in edit will work in all kinds of situations and is quicker than ctrl because it does select every file in the list.

Ctrl is better for a few files at a time.

Do use Ctrl carefully as it can create second copies in the same folder.

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