Outlook Express

  Birder 1 22:00 25 Nov 2005

I am having problems in im not receiving some emails but am others any ideas please

  MAJ 22:18 25 Nov 2005

Elaborate, please, Birder 1. How do you know you're not receiving some emails? Which operating system are you using? Who is your ISP? Who are the emails from? Who is the sender's email provider? Any more relevant info you can think of?

  Birder 1 14:32 26 Nov 2005


Im using windows XP home, and ntlworld is my ISP i seem to remember either checking a box or unchecking a box but forget where it is

  palinka 18:51 26 Nov 2005

How do you know that you are not receiving some emails? is it that the sender has said he has sent you an email? or is it some other reason that you believe some emails have gone missing? Do you read your emails through Outlook Express? or do you read them on NTL's website ? (ie as webmail).
Is it perhaps that you put the email address of a friend into your "blacklist" on your NTL account, so that all emails from that person are now being automatically deleted?
We need answers to these questions in order to help you.

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