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  kenneth-204108 13:43 11 Aug 2005

I recently had a problem with internet explorer, which I managed to cure. However,now when I log on etc., I cannot get Set/Receive to work. It flashes on and off, so that I cannot see what it says.I may be wrong, but I am positive that a "panel" headed Outlook Express came up and showed me what had been deleted and what had been sent What can I do please to make it work?
Thank You ,
in anticipation,

  Matt Barlow 14:21 11 Aug 2005

Are you using OE (Outlook Express) for POP where you download your email or a webmail service like Hotmail?

If POP then are your settings still there for the mail servers?

  kenneth-204108 14:46 11 Aug 2005

Hi! matt,
I am a novice at doing the check you asked me to make.
Would you please send me the instructions on how to do it.I would be most grateful.

  Matt Barlow 14:57 11 Aug 2005


Before we go down that route.

Who is your Internet Service Provider?
If it is someone like AOL, Wanadoo or Virgin Net do you use their email account that comes with the package like [email protected] ect (don't post your email address on here though)

That would help me.

  kenneth-204108 15:04 11 Aug 2005

My ISP is Bt internet and yes I do use all their services and my E-mail is like the one you quoted

  Matt Barlow 16:29 11 Aug 2005

If you go to this site
click here

it tells you what settings should be in the Servers bit, paying attention to the picture on step 10.

If these settings are OK, check the Connection Tab to ensure it is set to use Internet Explorer settings or the Dialup account you have.
If you have Broadband then ensure it is set to "Never Dial A Connection"

click here is a good place to get your emails if you don't have access to them on your computer!
But I guess BT have their own webmail service where you can login to get them.

Let me know how you get on.

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