outlook express

  pat2068 23:41 20 Apr 2004

i anyone help me i am unable to receive any mail to outlook express o/s win xp thanks leo

  Smegs 23:56 20 Apr 2004

We need more Info. What is your settings in O/E? Who is your provider???

  pat2068 00:01 21 Apr 2004

ntl is my provider what settings do you need to knoe thanks leo

  Smegs 00:22 21 Apr 2004

click here it's not for NTL, so you will need to adjust the "telnet pop.tiscali.co.uk" to NTL. Thanks to Vog for that link. I'm not on NTL, so I can't realy tell you what the settings are. My setting for Incomming mail is pop.freeserve.com.

  geoff47 00:23 21 Apr 2004

I have been having problems with NTL broadband email for 2 days....My settings remain unaltered but a warning tells me my password is unrecognised.Repaired through IE and deleted Mailwasher even deleted Outlook express and reloaded it...problem is I am awaiting an important mail...now dont know if I have changed my password to one I "think" is right....running win 98se.
Sorry for barging in Leo....our problems maybe related..

  Smegs 00:33 21 Apr 2004

I think other people on NTL need to reply to this thread. It could be an NTL problem.

  Clint2 00:34 21 Apr 2004

Settings for NTL mail

Incoming: pop.ntlworld.com
Port 110

Outgoing: smtp.ntlworld.com
Port 25

  Clint2 00:37 21 Apr 2004

NTL service status click here

  geoff47 01:34 21 Apr 2004

Dont know about you Leo ...but my mail mysteriously just got better.....didnt do a thing except tinker around a bit....oh well...aint windows smashing?
Hope your problem is solved..might be NTL ...who can say?

  Stuartli 09:42 21 Apr 2004

Apart from Clint2's information, I would presume that ntl has a help page on its website outlining the necessary configuration for its e-mail service.

  rickimalone 10:01 21 Apr 2004

I know its not my thread but it will save opening one of the same things....

My main email address is from Lycos how do i found what to write in the incoming and outgoing setting's for outlook.....

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