Outlook Express 127.0.01

  dabeginner 09:29 25 Jun 2006

I have a latest Dell Computer using XP Professional,OE6 and McAfee suite installed.

The server properties in incoming mail keeps reverting to 127.0.01 that prevents me from downloading e-mail messages. I have 2 ISP accounts and I have to keep changing the properties for both to pop3.and then the ISP name before OE6 will download my email messages.

Once I change the settings to pop3 and then the ISP name, I am okay. But as soon as I switch off the computer and log on again, hey presto! its back again so I have to manually change the settings again to receive e-mails.

Can someone tell me how correct this so that I don't have to change settings each time. I have a feeling it's to do with McAfee.


  Diodorus Siculus 09:39 25 Jun 2006

McAfee is the cause of this - it sets up it's own mail server to check for spam, virus infection in incoming mail and so forth.

Disable McAfee mail checking and see if things stay ok.

IS the McAfee a time limited trial? If so, ditch it when the trial is over and take one of the free offerings such as Avast, Mailwasher and so on.

  dabeginner 18:54 26 Jun 2006

Thanks. Didn't work.
Yes, McAfee was pre-installed with a 15 month free subscription. I think I will disable and use AVG/Adaware, etc.

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