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  larry48 09:25 16 Dec 2003

How do you uninstall OE from Windows XP? A friends (Freeserve) email isn't working, so they've suggested re-installing OE, but it seems to come as an integral part of XP and I can't find any way of uninstalling it. He's running an OEM version of XP so doesn't have a full XP CD, just the restore discs.Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  Stuartli 09:36 16 Dec 2003

Just install another copy of IE6 over the present one - the configuration, address book etc should be retained.

Most cover disks include OE6 (which incorporates OE), but it would certainly be better to do it from Microsoft's Internet Explorer home page as it will be more up to date:

click here

  Stuartli 09:37 16 Dec 2003

That should read IE6 in second paragraph...

Just a thought - have you tried repairing IE first?

  larry48 10:22 16 Dec 2003

Thanks for the response.I'll try reinstalling IE. How do you repair it tho'?

  Stuartli 17:26 16 Dec 2003

You repair it by going into Control Panel, Add/Remove programs, double clicking on Outlook Express and then choosing the Repair option in the menu.

But it would certainly be better to install the latest version, as I suggested, over the present one and ensure a fresh start.

  Stuartli 17:27 16 Dec 2003

Installing from the Microsoft link means that only what you require will be downloaded - items already included in your present copy will be listed in bold and not redownloaded.

  larry48 17:49 16 Dec 2003

Thanks for the replies.I'll see what happens

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