Outlook - export internet accounts (not emails)

  User-367759E1-9114-481F-B005EBD0DB666035 19:27 06 Sep 2003

Hi all,

Outlook 2003 (Beta)

How do I go about exporting the email accounts that I have in Outlook? I have six mail accounts and I need to get these onto another disk. Exporting as .pst file does not export the settings and I cannot for the life of me work out how I used to do it in other versions of Outlook (2000, XP etc)

To reiterate, I need to get the account settings (User name, pop and smtp server, passwords etc) out of one and into another copy of Outlook.

Any ideas (apart from re typing all the details which is a little tedious.....

Many thanks,

  Qmar 21:35 06 Sep 2003

.. guess ..you need to copy the relevant branch of the registry.. and re-import it if things go awry... (I know you can do this with OE anyway).

-- see old posts

  Switcher 21:40 06 Sep 2003

Tools - Accounts - Export

Each account is exported this way as an *iaf file and when imported contains all relevant details

  Switcher 21:42 06 Sep 2003

Above for OE or Outlook 2000

Thanks for that but there is no option to export .iaf files from Outlook 2003

  jimv7 00:28 07 Sep 2003

Sent you a pic and note via your bt account.

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