Outlook Explorer - refusing to load sometimes

  johndrew 11:36 16 Jun 2006

Hello people,

I posted for help on this problem click here a short while ago and received good advice and help in resolving it - even though I did use Acronis and lost some messages.

Today I received the same message again (`Outlook Express could not be started because MSOE.DLL could not be loaded`) and went through the suggestions made but with no result. Additionally I could not find OE or Internet Explorer in Add/Remove Programs they only appeared in Add/Remove Windows Components Wizard. The opening of the .dbx folder and ensuring the files were all cleared in `Read Only` had no effect. I have compressed all messages as recommended in the MS knowledge base.

I checked the function of IE and it was fine so only OE was affected.

I restarted the PC and OE functioned as advertised.

Am I missing a trick here or is OE sometimes a bit flaky on startup?

Any help welcome and thanks in anticipation.

  johndrew 16:14 16 Jun 2006

I looked at your link but it seems to be addressing Win98 & OE5, I`m on XP SP2 &OE6 (I should have said).

Having said that, all that apply are good and as I say it doesn`t happen every time - only occassionally. I feel (right or wrong) that it has something to do with the boot order but I have no idea what or how to find out.

As for Thunderbird, I did try it when I installed Firefox but we didn`t get on!!

Thanks for the suggestions. Anyone could hit the nail.

  johndrew 17:02 16 Jun 2006

I did all the first part (two paragraph actions) to ensure OE is OK earlier and as I said it appears to be a random event. If it happens again I can try removing the .dbx files etc.

At the moment it is fine but, as with this morning and previously it would not start and gave the `MSOE.DLL` message.

Previously it failed to start even after a reboot but today I rebooted and it was fine. I have shut down and started a few times since with no repetition of the event. It`s a weird thing to happen and appears to me to be something to do with the boot order or possibly a conflict that occurs randomly.

Unless of course the actions I took earlier cured some damage that was present?

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