Outlook Explorer - msoe.dll

  johndrew 12:34 01 Jun 2006

I have been using my PC on the net most of the morning and suddenly, having used it earlier, Outlook Express refuses to load with the message, `Outlook Express could not be started because MSOE.DLL could not be loaded.

I have tried a restart and a quick look to see if I can find anything but no go.

I am running XP Pro SP2, OE Version 6.0.2900.2180 and msoe.dll version 6.0.2900.2869.

Can any one advise a course of action? I have received e-mails today that I don`t want to lose.

Thanks in anticipation.

  rawprawn 12:51 01 Jun 2006

Go to Start/Run/type sfc /scannow (watch the space) you will need your XP CD

  Stuartli 13:07 01 Jun 2006

Or download it from:

click here

  johndrew 13:41 01 Jun 2006

Thanks for responding people.

When I encountered the problem I did look in the program file at OE and the msoe.dll was in there. Are you saying it has somehow got damaged?

I also see the version that you suggested I download is 5.50.4522.1200 which to me looks earlier. Will it still work?

  johndrew 15:47 01 Jun 2006

I tried sfc /scannow the system froze part way through and nothing I could do helped. I re-booted but was told my boot device had failed. I tried booting from the XP CD and doing a repair, again it got part way through and the screen went blank, no disk activity, no cd activity for over 15 minutes.

Put the Acronis recovery disk in and reinstalled from about a week ago. Have lost the e-mail I needed but at least have my system back. Question is what caused it? Just about to update all my prtection and do a full scan.

  BurrWalnut 16:05 01 Jun 2006

Just a thought.

SFC can take quite a time to complete so perhaps it wasn't looping or frozen and you interrupted it causing file corruption.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:43 01 Jun 2006

This error can occur if one or more *.dbx files in the current store folder are set as Read-only. Close OE and open the store folder in Windows Explorer. Select all files, then right-click on any one and select Properties. Uncheck the box for "Read only", leaving only the "archive" bit checked.

Outlook Express and Internet Explorer share many files. Perform a repair of Internet Explorer. From Control Panel select Add/Remove Programs. Scroll down to Microsoft Internet Explorer and highlight it. Click on the Add/Remove button. When the IE Tools menu comes up, select Repair. Click OK.

Also, you can get to the IE Tools menu by clicking Start > Run and type

rundll32 setupwbv.dll,IE6Maintenance

If still no joy, uninstall and reinstall Outlook Express.

  rawprawn 16:45 01 Jun 2006

Is Outlook Express working now after Acronis Recovery?. I have no idea why sfc caused?? a problem, it only replaces missing or corrupt files

  johndrew 18:55 01 Jun 2006

Thanks for the observations people. I`ll answer in order:

BurrWalnut, I left sfc for over an hour, I would have thought it should have done its bit by then. Am I wrong?

Fruit Bat /\0/\, I shall look and keep your advice beside me for the future. I really should have thought of add/remove (idiot in a panic!!) it may well have saved the loss of my messages - bit late now. I did look at MS pages but none of it appeared to apply to XP so I ended up doing the wrong thing.

rawprawn, yes, OE is up and running but it does overwrite the whole file on the partition (unless I still have more to learn about it as well - likely). As for sfc, I did leave it for an hour.... long enough?

  rawprawn 20:04 01 Jun 2006

Yes Acronis does overwrite the drive, I use it myself.Well that seems to be the end of that although I am still at a loss to understand why, and sfc should really only take about 20 mins

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