Outlook Ex. Lost emails in backup??

  amba_gambla 13:30 16 Jan 2010

we've just upgraded to a new computer, and are in the process of moving everything across.
We have been using Outlook Express for ever, and have been following instructions on how to backup and import/export emails from Outlook Express so we can use them on Outlook on the new machine.

Somewhere in the process, we have lost about half our emails. I have tried to re-import the backup folder into Outlook Express, but these emails are still missing. Where have they gone, and is there any way we can get them back??

(they seemed to disappear during the process of being imported into Outlook. I then went back to Outlook Express and they were missing from there too)

I'm starting to get quite worried, there were some pretty important work emails in there.....

  howard64 16:24 16 Jan 2010

try looking in the recycle bin?

  howard64 16:25 16 Jan 2010

possibly try system restore to go back to before you started the process.

  amba_gambla 16:26 16 Jan 2010

system restore doesn't seem to affect the actual emails...

The files look like they're there in the backup folder, they just don't seem to be being restored back into Outlook Express

  rawprawn 16:48 16 Jan 2010

Search for .dbx files.
Also click here and scroll down to E Mail Messages and have a read.
Again the OE file is a hidden Folder, so make sure show hidden folders is ticked

  GaT7 18:39 16 Jan 2010

I've been noticing the same thing happening to me for a few years now, when importing emails from a backed-up store folder into OE.

Some folders, though visibly present in the new OE folder (in Windows Explorer), do NOT appear in the actual OE program! I didn't notice this happening for the first few imports, so others using OE please do check for missing messages whenever importing messages into OE.

I've found a way of extracting & restoring these missing messages. amba_gambla, let me know if you're still having the same problem & I'll post step-by-step instructions. G

  amba_gambla 18:45 16 Jan 2010

Yes please crossbow - the files seem to be there in the backup folder, they even have files for them in Outlook express, but they are empty.

Step by step instructions may just save my life!

  GaT7 19:53 16 Jan 2010

Right, this is the way I go about recovering them. Bear with me as it's a bit long-winded, but works:

• Download, unzip & install Macallan Outlook Express Extraction (MOEE) from click here

• Create a folder in the C: drive called 'Extracted emails' (or in any other suitable location/name you prefer)

• Run the newly installed MOEE, & choose File > Preferences from its menu. Choose C: as the Working Disk Drive, & C:\Extracted emails for the Working Directory (or corresponding to your chosen path/folder name in the step above) & press OK

• Open OE (the program), & create a new subfolder called aExtracted emails under Local Folders (or any other name you prefer)

• Open your previously backed-up OE folder & search for an OE folder/subfolder name (it'll be a file with a .dbx extension) that was NOT successfully imported into your new OE install

• Drag & drop this file into the MOEE program (refer to screenshot). If something appears in MOEE, its messages can be extracted (if it doesn't, try another - see below*). Next, select all (or Ctrl+A), right-click & select Extract All Messages (refer to screenshot)

• Now look in the C:\Extracted emails folder to confirm that they have been extracted there (refer to screenshot) - refresh folder view if you have to. They will have a .nws extension (you may need to change settings in Folder Options in order to see the extension)

• Now select all (or Ctrl+A) the .nws files & drag them into OE > aExtracted emails (IMP: there'll be a text file present there called OutlookExtract\OutlookExtract.log that should NOT be selected) (refer to screenshot)

• The extracted files will now appear as standard OE messages in the aExtracted emails folder (refer to screenshot). If they don't, make sure NOT to select OutlookExtract.log as explained in the step above

• Repeat the above for all missing folders & subfolders, remembering to drag & drop into OE only the newly created extracted files from C:\Extracted emails (otherwise you'll get duplicates)

Finally, the extracted emails in OE > aExtracted emails can be dragged into more appropriate folders & sub-folders in OE.

Screenshot showing most of the procedure click here. Arrange your 4 windows like I've done, so you don't need to minimise/maximise them each time.

* Remember the above can only extract OE MESSAGES, & NOT OE folders/subfolders. E.g. if you had a main folder called OFFICE & 5 subfolders off that called Pens, Pencils, Paper, etc. with each subfolder containing messages. Only the MESSAGES in these folders/subfolders are recoverable, & not the folder/sub-folders themselves. So you may need to re-create these folders/subfolders in OE if they're missing. Then drag the extracted messages into them. G

  GaT7 20:22 27 Jan 2010

amba_gambla, how did you get on with this? G

  amba_gambla 21:30 27 Jan 2010

Wow... it's been a very long process, but thank you so much - I've found all the missing emails!

I've just got to work out how to get them into Outlook now (the folders import, but the emails won't!)

Thank you again for your help, I think you may have saved my life!

  lotvic 23:48 27 Jan 2010

In OE > View > Current View, make sure the black dot is next to 'Show All Messages'

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