Outlook error message

  Richard 12:31 31 Oct 2005

I get the following error message when sending e-mail from Outlook "550 relaying mail to hotmail.com is not allowed". I recieve e-mails no problem.

If I send to other e-mail accounts I get the same message. I have tried turning off my Norton Personal Firewall and still get same message. I have stopped Microsoft Antispyware and all other protection I have but still the same message.

If I go to the web mail server I can send and recieve e-mails OK so I think it must be something in Outlook I have wrong but what??!!??

I have just reformatted my PC as it was running slow and I was having a few issues. Everything else seems to be working fine.


  PaulB2005 12:34 31 Oct 2005

You can't use Outlook or Outlook Express to send and receive mail any more unless you pay for the service.

This is to stop spammers using Relaying to send spam anonymously.

  PaulB2005 12:38 31 Oct 2005

Sending is the problem.

Did you switch on Authentcation for the outgoing mail? Under settings look for Outgoing Server. My Account needs Authentication. Fill in the details.

  Richard 12:48 31 Oct 2005

I am using a POP3 SMTP mail server connection. I am told by Tesco (my ISP provider) that I do not need to switch on authentication but I tried it anyway and it did not make any difference.

Thanks for the help but still stuck.

  PaulB2005 12:55 31 Oct 2005

Hotmail isn't a POP3 mail server.

Try this click here

Tesco have got nothing to do with the settings you need for Hotmail.

  Splork 13:01 31 Oct 2005

Is it only occuring with one particular message? Can you send email to addresses other than Hotmail?

  Richard 13:03 31 Oct 2005

I am not sure I have made myself clear. It is not the settings for hotmail. The example I gave was me sending from my tesco e-mail using Outlook to a hotmail address. I get the same problem sending from my tesco e-mail to any e-mail address. It is I think the settings in my Microsoft Outlook that are wrong. It is something I have done wrong when setting up my accounts in Outlook but I dont know what I have set wrong.

  VoG II 13:08 31 Oct 2005

Which version of Outlook are you using?

  Splork 13:08 31 Oct 2005

Have you checked you've spelt `smtp.` correctly in your account settings..`smtp.tesco.net`

  Richard 13:22 31 Oct 2005

I am using Outlook 2002

I have tried mail.tesco.net and now following your suggestion Splork tried smtp.tesco.net but it does not seem to work.

Anything else I could try?

Thank you

  Splork 13:25 31 Oct 2005

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