outlook is empty

  [DELETED] 01:25 03 Oct 2003

just been in for the first time today and it's totally empty as if it's just been installed.there is no email account set up.absolutely nowt at all.all is ok with OE and opera.does anybody have an explanation for this?

  [DELETED] 01:53 03 Oct 2003

If you've just been into it for the first time - then it will be empty - what did you expect to find there?

  [DELETED] 02:16 03 Oct 2003

first time TODAY.meaning since teatime yesterday.it looks like i've just added it to the system.no email account,messages saved settings and contacts.totally EMPTIED.not done owt at all.have u an explanation?

  hugh-265156 02:40 03 Oct 2003

hi suzie005,i have no experience of outlook or any idea what has or might have happened but if you have xp then a system restore to yesterday(if you have not already tried it)might work.

  [DELETED] 09:07 03 Oct 2003

Sorry - thought you meant - today, you'd been into it for the first time. Shows the need for extreme clarity when talking to old duffers!!

Outlook settings are all held in a file called xxxxxx.pst - where xxxx may be outlook, or your user name (ish).

So do a search for *.pst files, and if you find one, make a note of where it is, then in Outlook, do a File - Open for that filename.

  [DELETED] 09:53 03 Oct 2003

cheers.sorry i didn't get back u sooner but it's been nuts here.


'Shows the need for extreme clarity when talking to old duffers!!' don't worry love i'm used to it.i spent hours last nite checking pst bits out.windows/application data/ms/outlook.slightly different to OE.there are archived files in there but i couldn't import them into outlook for sum reason.i browsed but when i got to the right place they weren't visible.thing i don't know are the differences between the archive and the ordinary outlook files.then there's the outlook profile.slightly tired at the sec cos i had 4 hours sleep last nite but if u have a link that can help me out i'd appreciate it.btw.WOULD restore work? i wasn't sure so haven't done owt.



  [DELETED] 09:59 03 Oct 2003

oh yeah.doing a search for the pst files comes up with nowt at all.summat else wrong maybe.

  [DELETED] 10:10 03 Oct 2003

how many mail accounts have you got running, sounds like the PC does not know if it is on foot or horseback....set one up right to start with, such as OE, and give it a whirl...tell me where you are and i will come up and sort it for you.

  Taff36 10:24 03 Oct 2003

.pst files are hidden files. In your search options make sure you search all files and folders including hidden ones.

  [DELETED] 10:24 03 Oct 2003


they know wot they're doing alright but sumtimes they step out of line.then i have to sort it all out.thank you for offering tho dear

  [DELETED] 10:26 03 Oct 2003

last message wasn't 4 u.

never ever browsed that BUT i've checked and it's ticked to check all files and folders

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