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  Seadog 08:38 25 Sep 2011

I have several email accounts in MS Outlook for our family, i.e. [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] and so on.

I have Outlook set up to receive all emails into the one PC.

For a while now any replies to any email are being sent from my wifes account even though the original email was addressed to me or my son.

For example, if someone sends a message to me at [email protected] and I click on reply, the message will not be sent from my account but will be sent from [email protected]

I know I can change this by simply clicking on the 'account' button to the left of the address/subject but it's a pain and I keep forgetting. It never used to be like this but I don't know what I've done to change it.

Is there a setting I can change to change the default 'reply from' account?

  Secret-Squirrel 10:39 25 Sep 2011

"For a while now any replies to any email are being sent from my wifes account even though the original email was addressed to me or my son."

I'm puzzled how this has started happening of its own accord. Anyhow, the first place to check is in the properties section for each mail account in Outlook. Start with the [email protected] account and make sure the in the "E-mail Address" section it's showing [email protected] Do the same for all the other mail accounts.

What should then happen is that the e-mail address used in the reply is the same as the original e-mail and you should no longer need to specify it manually.

If that doesn't work then it'll help if you specify the version of MS Outlook you're running.

  Seadog 12:32 25 Sep 2011

I've checked those settings Secret-Squirrel, all are ok.

I am using Outlook 2007.

Could it possibly be something at the Virgin mail server? They did change something a while back, and thinking about it, it was round about then that this started to happen.

The email accounts are all on one so-called master account or post box address, [email protected] is the master email address and [email protected] and so on are sub accounts at the same post box address.

I haven't changed any settings in Outlook though and originally if you replied to any email it went from the account the email was sent to.

  Forum Editor 14:57 25 Sep 2011

"Could it possibly be something at the Virgin mail server?"


Are you using profiles in Outlook? If you're not, Outlook will use the default email address, regardless of which person sends the mail. That's what is happening, and it leads me to think that you aren't using profiles.

  Woolwell 15:27 25 Sep 2011

FE - I'm sorry to disagree but I use Outlook 2007 and what you state is correct for sending a new e-mail and it will go from the default account unless another is selected. However if using a reply then it should automatically reply using the account in which it arrived.

This could be an outgoing account setting with Virgin. I did have a Freeserve e-mail address and the only way I could get it to send from Virgin was using a Virgin e-mail address.

If the accounts are abc etc and all use the same after the @ eg virginmedia.net then you should look at the account settings - more settings and check the address on the outgoing server tab.

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